Friday, May 2, 2008

"Will you take a quarter for this?"

"Does this work?"

"I use to have this when I was a kid!"

"How much are the clothes?"

"Can you break a $100?"

I am home dealing with my garage I thought I would share some garage sale snippets overheard.

And after three weeks of working like mad in my "spare" time getting ready for this extravaganza, getting up this morning at the crack of dawn to start hauling "merchandise" out, then hauling it back in during the rain storm and hauling it back out again after the rain passed.....I am too tired to comment on these snippets other than to say....if I only had $100 bills...I certainly wouldn't be at a garage sale!!

hispanic male



you must find one of my old posts about my impromtu garage sales..same issue the 100$ bill..and they left their son with me to go exchange the bill..but they left their young son behind for more then two hours.

CRAZY town!

John Derks said...

I hope you will have a few more $100 bills after this weekend.

Moe Wanchuk said...

I'll pay $5 for an old pair of jordache jeans!..the smallest pair you can find. My old lady looks hot in those!