Thursday, May 1, 2008

“My wife says….

I am a creature of habit.” is this beautiful spring Chicago morning’s snippet.

Now Susan....with your hearing loss and all..are you sure he didn’t say “My wife says I am a creature – like a HOBBIT?”

Well, I guess anything is possible and I didn’t turn to see what he looked like...but for the sake of today’s blog – I am going to go with habit.

Aren’t we all creatures of habit?

I know I have my “routines” and if I, at times, vary from some of my important ones – I feel.....uncomfortable.

For instance - I get Dunkin Donut’s coffee every morning – a large, cream only. It is how I start my day. This morning, in an attempt to make my regular train, I was unable to stop for my daily DD.

Did I survive?

Yup – but I didn’t like it.

I find if I keep to certain routines/habits – it helps me stay, on some level, mentally aligned.

for the daily grind


the dilf said...

i turn into a pumpkin at 10pm...drives my wife nuts. I have to get home and go to bed!

Susan said...

Is it because you insist she join you at 10??


the dilf said...

for the 10"


so you finally got to meet or rather, hear, my husband, eh?