Thursday, May 29, 2008

“I will take that as a compliment!”

The owner of Perry’s Deli said after I asked how I could order lunch for a group of experts that have taken up temporary residence in our office, without having to wait in their always-out-the-door lunch line.

Perry’s is the closest thing to a New York Deli that we have in Chicago. The turkey, roast beef and brisket used on their sandwiches is all roasted on site. And these sandwiches are huge - “as big as your head” huge.

The place is old school, delicious (hence the long lines) and a little quirky.

Quirky as in you are NOT allowed to talk on your cell phone once you venture into the deli.

You will first be asked to stop using it via a bellow from the owner over the behind-the-counter microphone.

If you refuse, you will be told to leave.

If you do not leave...there will be police involvement.

This tradition was started by the original owner, known only as Perry, the Deli Guy, and the Deli Guy, like the Soup Nazi made famous on Seinfield – did what he wanted. Right down to kicking you out for supporting the Imperial Cellular One.

So if you ever find yourself in Chicago, hungry and with a couple of extra minutes to wait in the would be wise to venture over to Perry’s on North Franklin Street for a sandwich.

But be forewarned.....leave even the thought of using your cell phone out on the street.

it can’t be beat


the dilf said...

I'm on my cell all the time. But I'm faking it. Makes me look cool. No one actually calls me, other than the old yell at me.

kengell said...

You do *NOT* want to be the person using their cell phone in this place! WOW is that siren loud! Speaking of sirens, boy did I see a good looking woman there today!

Susan said...

Dilf....with your good looks and "brawn" why would you need a cell phone to look cool?


Susan said...

Kengell - yeah...I guess my facts are a little outdated. So if you are on a phone in line - they now sound a fire alarm that doesn't stop until you get a clue. And the stopping of that alarm is sometimes timed perfectly with some smo's loudly-exclaimed-while-pointing "she's on her cell phone!" to which everyone then looks.

I should get first hand knowledge before posting about these Chicago landmarks.

i give it 3 barks

Hedy said...

Delicious sammiches, yes, and definitely for sharing. They're can't-get-your-mouth-around-it huge.

Cue Dilf.

Catherine said...

Yummy - where is that place, downtown? I think it could be a fun adventure at lunch one of these days and those sandwiches look great!


sounds delicious! I will have to look it up the next time I am in downtown.

Happy muggy monday heat!

Elizabeth :)

Susan said...

Catherine, Perry's is on Franklin between Randolph and Lake. If you ever want to lunch there and want some company, just drop me a note.