Tuesday, May 27, 2008

“I love this weather!”

was my commuter buddy’s snippet as we headed out of Union Station this morning.

“Sure, if it is OCTOBER!” was my response.

Yesterday Chicago was blessed with 82 degree, sunshiny-Memorial-Day-horsing-around-weather.

So last night it wasn’t unusual that the temperature on the first floor of my house was 81 degrees, with my attic bedroom registering even higher.

As I do not enjoy sleeping in an overly warm room – I placed a box fan in my window and turned it on high. It didn’t take long before my room cooled down to a comfortable temperature and that, combined with the white noise of the fan, put me fast asleep.

Until about 3:33 a.m.

I was informed this morning that a rare meteorological phenomena, which is typically observed along the Western Lake Michigan shoreline during the warm season, called a PNEUMONIA Front, came thru last night.

The temperature went from the 80’s to the 40’s with a wind chill of 39 degrees due in part to the 18+ mph wind gusts.

A Pneumonia Front went thru all right....it went thru my bedroom and I expect to have full blown pneumonia after spending hours shivering under my light summer blankets until my nearly numbed mind went into survival mode and shocked me awake.

this weather, I can’t take


kengell said...

I honestly have NEVER heard of the weather term 'pneumonia front' until today. Who am I to argue w/ you or the wikipedia

the dilf said...

I'm tellin ya...warm weather is good for me...the old lady just gets friskier when it's nice out:)

Quin Browne said...

here in nyc, it did the same...hot, warm, cold, hot...

only, the variance in temp occurred in the trains.


Susan said...

Quin - Ironically all summer long I have to wear a jacket while inside my commuter train, which has two temperatures - freezing cold in the summer and smoking hot in the winter - they have never been able to get it right.

not worth the fight


I'm with you on that one!
we went from windows open breeze gusting into our bedroom, dreams of fireflies and/or lightening bugs to waking up around that very time-3:30am and running to the main level to activate our heat-yet again-

Baby!!!,....it's cold outside!

So next time for you, maybe just a half a drink more? :)