Friday, May 16, 2008

"I am studying fashion design..."

that snippet comes from a young twenty-something fashionista that I passed this morning.

I have been reading more than ever about Chicago's "up and coming" fashion scene.

Hard to believe that Americans outside of New York City could actually have some fashion talent.

You can keep current on Chicago's fashion scene by going to

Also check out one of our newest, young, hip designers, Kristin Hassan, at and give her your support.

By acknowledging these young creative designers and the fashion movement here in Chicago....who knows what could happen...maybe some time in the not too distant future we could hear "Fashion and Chicago" in the same breath when those "in the know" are discussing fashion...instead of "Fashion - New York City."

Us Midwesterners know that we can beat those East Coasters any day of the week.

we are hearty and they are meek


the dilf said...

Do they need any models? I've always thought about being one!

Susan said...

You are in luck, Dilf!! I just got an email from a top Chicago designer and she is in need of a male model to showcase her summer line of banana hammocks....

Would you be able to amply fill the position?


the dilf said...


I married a girl that is 4'11" for a reason, susan

so...she better just use me as a backup/last resort.