Thursday, May 15, 2008

Briefcases on Wheels

When exiting a commuter train at Union Station everyone is funneled onto a platform as you make your way into the main station and it is crowded beyond belief.

I, like most, look straight ahead while walking in the masses. Traditionally I don’t look at the ground and certainly I don’t look for something being dragged behind someone.

Until now.

It is the new "in" thing to have your briefcase on wheels and pull it behind you. And I don't like it.

“Now, Susan, those people probably have bad backs and can’t carry their briefcases!”

Okay, being a “bad backer” at times myself, I am willing to have sympathy towards a very small percentage of the people that are pullers of the carts. But what is the deal with the rest of the pullers?

Personally I think that there is a communist plot underway whereas "commies" are trying to kill/permanently maim or injure the general-non-commie-walking-public with their carts.

doesn't take smarts


Anonymous said...

How much crap do people need to cart back and forth from their offices? Geez... a bag for a laptop and a book or two, throw if over your shoulder, and roll - with your feet.



for a second I thought you had written "BRICK BACKERS"-don't ask me why, I'm just saying that's what I saw.

But I do agree with you, those take up room..I guess you'll just have to spend more time looking down..
and then when you're on an elevator, be like me, and turn around and face the's fun to see the ones that squirm..


Susan said...

I always look at what I am schlepping around as part of my upper body workout!! Hey, Crusty - maybe I should start hauling bricks....just think of what my shoulders and arms would look like!!

(Tyson, of course)

Hedy said...

I'm guilty. I had one for a little while after the Major Back Incident of whatever year that was. I realized that a) it made me look old and lazy and b) it was in the way of everyone else. And you know I really try to stay out of the way of everyone else. So it's in the garage sale this weekend. Hopefully whoever buys it isn't a commuter - at least not on the Aurora/Chicago route. :)

Catherine said...

I have one - stuff full of my gym clothing, toiletries, slippers for the shower, and a book, laptop, my purse, my IPOD, glasses, sunglasses, I had a back pack for ages, but finally, found this dream invention and decided I was to old for a backpack - so I got one and I love it! I do my best not to trip people with it, unless it means I will get a seat on the train! Ha! Cat

Cindiloo said...

What I love even more is when they do trip you they give you the dirty look as if it was your fault!!!! People irritate me :)