Thursday, April 10, 2008

“Sign, sign…everywhere a sign..”

I found myself singing as I reached the entrance to my building.

For those of you that don’t know me well, I believe in “signs”....some are faith based and others, like today's....well, they just happen.

So on this cold, windy, rain-soaked morning, where umbrellas are totally ineffective and my only chance of getting to the office a little on the dry side was to pull back out of my closet my-promised-myself-never-to-wear-again-this-season winter jacket, and then walk with the fur trimmed hood up....I wasn’t surprised by the sign left for me – along the river side of Wacker Drive, smack in the middle of the sidewalk, a slightly scattered pile of bright silver screws...and as I continued along I would periodically see a single screw, then another and if left in my path on purpose.

What an appropriate "just happen’s" sign on this ugly morning...

and to that - my response would be.....Screw You Too!!

soon skies of blue?



darn, even Hansel and Gretal have evolved.

I know what you mean about this weather thing..I've about had it,
and the one coat that does fit this SAHM, has a rip.



Susan said...

Well, Crusty - that goes to show you how long it has been since I was a SAHM - I had to Google it to see what it stood for. I got to be a SAHM for one year - that was 19 years ago - right after Phillip was born I was home with him until the funding ran out and dumpsters behind my Jewel started looking appealing to me for our dinners!

I said to my commuting buddy this morning..."April Showers..." and he finished with "bring crabby commuters!"

I have no fear about this weather - remember it is Chicago - we will be 93 and humid in the blink of an eye!

watch the sky


People do that, ones with riches, they delve into dumpsters out back of the grocers because at dusk there are many times fresh food,
well, it gets thrown out.

is that why they have riches?

It's friday, look out!

Susan said...

My Momma always has said "the rich get richer and the poor...well we have more babies!"...I am the second eldest of 8 kids..and growing up I NEVER knew we were poor - we just had a blast!

the past