Friday, April 11, 2008

“Dance to the music!”

Was my internal snippet this morning as I walked into the elevator – the three other people awaiting my arrival were staring straight ahead – no real expressions – all three being wired with sound.

One person’s music I could hear as if I had their headphones on, which made me think of two things:

First, having partial hearing loss in my left ear…I am well aware of how precious our little eardrums are...this person, along with every other person whose music I hear as they pass, will regret it some day in the future; and

Secondly, with some people being continuously wired for sound – I wonder, besides during sleep, do they ever enjoy quiet time?

I use to always walk at lunch with my headphones on – listening to a favorite program – but I now find that if I walk sans the headphones....I am more creative, reflective and am able to sometimes come back to the office with a sense of inner peace.

For it is in the silence that our minds contemplate life, rest and rejuvenate, all of which are absolutely necessary to keep a balance within us.



Hedy said...

AMEN on the silence thing, baby! It's the only way I can recharge. :)


i needed to read this. I crave peace and silence..this was just what I needed along with my beer, to help me zen myself.

Thankyou.. this post holds peace.and the beer rocks!