Wednesday, March 26, 2008

“You always ask questions.”

He said.

“I ALWAYS ask questions?” she replied.

“Yes. You ask a lot of questions.”

"I ALWAYS ask questions?” she said a little stronger.

“You are a good questioner.” he came back with, hearing the upset in her voice.

I am not sure where their conversation ended up – but it made me smile. For I have been known to ask a question.....or two.

Okay, I like to ask questions – no, I like to hear people’s stories – that is what I like.

I have found that questions posed in the right way – allow people to feel comfortable enough to tell you their story. Maybe it is a gift that I bring to the table – I just know that I get to hear a lot of stories about people’s lives and they fill me up – giving me insight that (hopefully) leads to knowledge.

life is my college

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I've been accused of this very issue..the constant questions about anything from food particles to life in another state..I must try to learn your art because I know my dear friends are quickly annoyed with my ever so constant and meaningful email questions. I think you've given me an idea.

Have a nice weekend,