Tuesday, March 11, 2008

“Wasn’t it supposed to be warm today?”

I am not sure if the guy was asking his friend a question?

Or stating a fact – with an exclamation point!

During my usual 42 chores last night – I overheard one of our local weather bunnies reporting that "tomorrow we are going to have a warm up and the temperature is finally going to be nice."

I dressed accordingly – right down to no socks.

So the bitterly cold, strong wind this morning was a little bit of a shocker.

It turns out that not only can you not believe the Renegade Governor of New York to be trustworthy and actually live what he preaches.....

You also can’t trust the local weather bunny.

not funny.


the dilf said...

For all of you who do not know who Elliot Spitzer is, he's the scumiest, dirtiest, P.O.S on planet earth! He was NY's Attorney General (prior to being governor) and he went after EVERYONE he could, with Avengeance! He took down so many people in the financial biz it was insane. Problem was, he would take down 20 good guys just to get the 1 bad guy. He was ruthless and was Mr. Perfect...Mr Holier than thou...GOD...you name it. He ran for govenor on the principle of "Ethics Reform." And to think this whole time, he's been banging whores behind our backs! He's a Fckin Disgrace to society. And I, along with many others, hope he Rots in Hell!...Quick!


MirzaDude said...

NO SOCKS!!! YES!!!.... it is happening!! The Amreekan beauties are gonna lose their winter Burka's and come out in the open.

YAY!! Warm weather. Finally about to happen. Time for long lunch breaks. Better get my eyes checked, ready for the looong stares.


Susan said...

Hey, Dilf - the more I hear about that SOB - the more my stomach hurts.

I was reading today where someone wrote that anyone that wants to be a politician CANNOT run for office.

Political offices can only be filled by waitresses, street cleaners, machinists, etc.

Just the normal everyday Joe/Jane - not the egotistical, assholes that are so full of themselves they want to pop (usually all over a prostitute)!


P.S. - Mirzadude - I have a friend who loves the upcoming summer season only because it makes his lunchtime walks more "exciting"!!