Wednesday, March 12, 2008

“TNA trumps DNA every time!”

My guy friend says laughingly as we are walking to work this morning.

We were discussing the parking situation at our suburban train station. Currently the wait time for a coveted parking pass that allows you to just pull into a reserved spot every day is about 5 years – give or take a couple of months.

So those of us that happen to own one are looked upon with awe by the have-to-get-to-the-train-station-at-the-crack-of-dawn-and-purchase-a-daily-slip-from-the-dumb-machine-and-hope-there-is-still-a-spot-to-park people.

It is in fact THE golden ticket.

So when rumors started about a golden-ticket-holding member of our posse possibly working from the 'burbs – the jockeying began.

The City’s official rule is when you don’t need your parking pass any more – you are to turn it at City Hall.

Our unofficial rule is that you “loan” it to a friend.

My feeling is what happens if the newly city-to-suburban worker ends up hating the 'burbs and wants to work downtown again – should they have to wait 5+ years for another parking pass – when they already waited their turn in line?

By loaning it to a friend – you can always call it back in.

So today’s title snippet was in response to just whom should the mutual friend loan his parking pass to – his good guy friend or a hottie female friend?

I already know the answer to this one, Jack.

nice rack

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