Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"When it gets this cold...."

“When it gets this cold….”

That was it. The only thing overheard this morning. Out in the suburbs of Chicago where I rise, my yard had a beautiful pristine white covering - down here the beauty was replaced with a slushy, gray mess – covering anything that dare trudge thru it – making walking without falling an art form. Did I mention it was cold?

So back to the snippet – “When it gets this cold……I would love to stay within the confines of my warm house venturing out only to retrieve the mail.” Did I say my “WARM” house…..sorry I obviously didn’t mean that.

Outside of my family home, where my Mom still resides after 44 years – I have never, EVER lived in/owned a home that was warm. It is a joke in my family that when they are going to “Sue’s house” they dress in extra layers.

Over the years I have owned four different homes. In four different towns. In four different styles. From a 1960’s Midwest style ranch, to a brand new stick built two story, to a California ranch, to my current 1899 small farmhouse – NONE have ever heated up properly.

The other night while watching t.v. from the couch – Keith turned to me and said “Do you feel that draft?” – I pulled the blanket down from my face and replied “Uhhhh, Yes!” We then discovered there is a full on breeze that comes out from the bottom of the baseboards. “You think that might be why it is freezing in here?” I say. We are looking to “caulk the crack” to possibly achieve some amount of warmness – hopefully before the thaw of spring.

Do you think that the lack of warmness within my houses is some sort of sign? A metaphor of sorts for some deep rooted personal issues?



the dilf said...

Maybe....no one's ever lit your "Pilot Light"


Susan said...

Three thumbs up for your comment today, Dilf!! I can glowingly respond that my pilot has been lit, checked, rechecked, and blown apart at various times and it still isn't warm in my house. I don't think it has anything to do with the furnaces' plumbing.


phatdoggy said...

I'm the furnace technician. The pilot is lit, and the flame is burning. It gets checked at least weekly. There are definitely holes that need to be plugged though.

Once I'm done nailing the quarter round everywhere I can, it should warm things up quite a bit.


Hedy said...

Dilf has a very dirty mind. I don't think he was actually talking about the pilot light on your furnace. And "There are definitely holes to be plugged" is Dilf's favorite way of keeping warm. :)

phatty said...

What? No!!! dilf couldn't possibly have meant... oh geez.