Monday, January 21, 2008

Brought to you by the Hallowed Halls of Union Station....

Due to the MLK Holiday, the pelting snow and the bitter cold, I knew that today’s sidewalk snippet would be hard to come by – light foot traffic and most everyone bundled up, head down just fighting to get to work – so thankfully a Metra conductor walking through the hallway at Union supplied our snippet – “It’s Toooonnnnnnnyyyyyyy!!” he sang out in his best operatic voice.

I smiled and some of you may know why.

I have been accused (wrongfully) my whole life of singing in an operatic voice – it does not matter the genre of the song – rock, country, blues, gospel – “they” always say I sing it wrong.

I will admit to being a second generation “just belt out into song” kind of gal - passed on to me by my father – although truth be told quite often his singing and drinking went hand-in-hand. Makes me wonder -if he was still around and I asked him “Hey, Pops if given the opportunity to be successful in a different career, what would you choose?” Would he say a singer?

I know I would if I could.


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the dilf said...

I would loved to have been a football player...I always wanted to run out of the tunnel into a HUGE stadium filled with people, cheering for my team...and don't forget the hot chick, with my jersey on, screaming her cell number at the dilf:)