Thursday, January 31, 2008

Swallow….don’t spit…nit-wit!

Upon departing Union this morning, I was met with a cold, wet lakefront snow pelting my face – which forced me to walk with my head down, allowing me to observe things that I would usually rather not see at all – but especially early morning, pre-breakfast.

Nothing says “Good Morning, Hope you're Hungry!” like a large, yellow, slimy goober spat onto the sidewalk!

For the love of God – what is wrong with people?

Should I be surprised? Absolutely not – it goes along with the total “Me” mentality of today’s society.

“I have something unpleasant in my mouth -
so I will spit it out for all to see –
but at least it won’t be bothering me!!”




the dilf said...

Oh Susie,Susie,Susie....
I'm guessing I'm not the only guy who took this whole little quote....."differently."
Really, really reminds me of college.

Susan said...

Dilf –

I am shocked you went BLEW, I mean BLUE when you read my title…I would have never expected that out of you.

Least you forget, I was raised with those four brothers – I know how “your kind” are wired on just about all issues.


Hedy said...

Here's Hedy, walking up Wells towards Jackson yesterday after an office errand. Smiling. It's sunny. A guy walks towards me, looks me in the eye, and launches a loogey FIVE FEET ahead of him. It lands just a little to my left. If I wasn't so incredibly disgusted, I would've congratulated him on the arc.

Susan said...

Hey Hedy - I have had that happen to me several times over the years - I usually say "That was real nice!" in my most sarcastic voice as I walk past the charmer.


A side note to sixsixsixx - as I wrote in a comment on a earlier blog - I will NOT accept your comments under that name.

not game

phatdoggy said...

Could he go by 2into1332?