Wednesday, January 30, 2008

“It feels like I don’t have any pants on!!”

Is what a guy said while walking with another guy and a girl last winter. I know “old snippet” – but it is so cold today that there was nary a word overheard on the mile long walk to my office. So SHUTTY UP - the snippet fits.

As I wrote yesterday, we had an over 40+ degrees temperature drop during the course of the day and it ended with a crescendo of wind and snow that hasn’t been seen around these parts since the last airing of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’s Christmas Eve storm scene.

And I, in all of my sanguinity, did not do any Prior Proper Planning (PPP) in consideration of getting to work this morning. I left my winter boots under my desk – at work; last Saturday I returned my winter coat to the store because I was continually having problems with the zipper catching on the inside lining and there were times that I COULD NOT literally remove myself from it; coupled with the fact that the zipper was already ripping out from the bottom (an expensive coat – made with love and tender care by children in CHINA!) and I replaced it with a stylish, marked way, way down unlined coat.

So you can imagine what I looked like today walking down my beloved sidewalks of Chicago wearing my daughter’s royal blue and red high school letterman jacket; her school navy colored sweatpants over my work pants; my quality Payless slip on black shoes; white socks; a light blue winter headband; brown suede gloves; and to top it all off - my Aunt’s (RIP) lovingly crocheted, two-tone white/beige extra, extra long scarf wrapped 18 times around my neck and head.

And here you thought all the top models lived in NYC!

What a Pity.


phatdoggy said...

Did Hedy walk toward you with the sly hand-in-the-pocket routine? Sounds like you might be confused with the homeless today. Maybe you could grab a styrofoam cup and try to scrape up enough change for some Portillo's tonight?

-phat diddy

PS. I think the lady in the picture has your old coat.

Susan said...

Phatdoggy -

You cracked me up with that picture! Glad to see that I have once again helped out the homeless without actually giving them money.

Too funny.