Monday, January 28, 2008

Now a break from your regularly scheduled program…

Sometimes I even crack myself up!

I was born a blonde – German descendant – took after my Pops.

I know “Did you hear the one about the blonde that walked into the bar?” - not only do I know most of the blonde jokes – at times I have lived a blonde joke.
I took a personality test once (i.e.
personality_test.php) - where you are asked a series of questions and then told if you have a Sanguine, Melancholy, Choleric or Phlegmatic personality type or that you could be a mixture of several types. The person administering the test said that I had the highest score she had ever seen for being Sanguine.

Sanguine is a nice way of saying BLONDE! At this point in my life, I am comfortable with it and usually don’t even think twice about it, but every so often I do something that even cracks me up!!

Last week while leaving the hair salon – my stylist, Deb and I were talking about my son’s photography and how Phillip is starting to shoot weddings. So Deb says “Has he thought about doing Senior Pictures? You know, sometimes they take them out to parks and stuff – so he wouldn’t have any real overhead costs.”

That’s right - you have got to know where my mind went...I stood there with images of elderly people – bent over with spinal curvatures, in wheel chairs, some with canes, some with walkers, mouth's agape, having their photos taken outside – maybe at a nice river setting or a park.

Deb then said “He would probably make good money doing that. He could just charge a flat fee – shoot the pictures, burn them to a cd and let them take care of getting them sized and printed.”

“Do you think they would able to do that?” I ask. My thought is “I am not sure what kind of elderly people she hangs around – but those I know aren’t always that technologically advanced.”

Suddenly a light bulb went on somewhere deep inside my blonde brain – “Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Huh? Think, McFly!”

Seniors in High School!



phatdoggy said...

I love your sanguinity!

sixsixxsixxx said...

Same planet,different worlds.I love those stories when you tell them.I like that you can laugh at yourself.They are priceless!

Susan said...

Sixsixsixx I wonder if this is some game;

Because to know me - you would know I have an issue with your name;

It is connected with the beast as his mark and has an evil toll;

Although continue to comment if something touches your soul;

Please though please drop a digit or add one and don’t be detoured.

Because our King and our Savior is Jesus the Lord!