Friday, January 25, 2008

“I am like ‘Dude that could go up in flames!’”

I turn to make sure one of my brothers wasn’t behind me. Although if it had been one of them, the snippet probably would of been “I am like ‘Dude! Then it went up in flames!’”

Boys are stupid.

Growing up with four younger brothers – thankfully they were younger – otherwise I might have been involved on some level, possibly as a target of torture, in some of their antics.

I am not sure which part of a boy’s DNA holds the “let me do stupid stuff” gene. But I can tell you, as a female, of the sliver of dumbness I have witnessed and/or heard about through my growing up years that my brothers did – I NEVER had a thought, not even a glimmer of a thought, to do anything like they did.

Examples of dumbness:

Brother #2, while studying American history in school, specifically, Abraham Lincoln, decided to do his homework by candlelight in the ATTIC OF THE GARAGE.

Garage burnt.

Our parents went to the grocery store and upon returning home, brother #3 was sporting a raw, red rope burn around his neck. Brothers #1 and #2 decided to play rodeo in the backyard and lassoed brother #3.

Brother #3 survived.

Brother #1 decided to wrap a Chinese jump rope around the pole in the basement and then around his neck. So, Dad exhibiting one of his best “Hulk-like” moves tore it off brother #1’s neck just as his face was turning from that deep red color to blue.

Brother #1 survived.

To quote a great character - “Stupid is as stupid does!”


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kengell said...

the math is simple... one boy one brain, two boys half a brain, three boys... well you get the picture...

I grew up w/ two older brothers; always walking in the trail they blazed (literally). Well I can hostly say I never burned down an outhouse, one of my siblings cannot make that claim.