Monday, August 13, 2012

Slip Sliding & Falling My Lunch Walk Away!

Yes, it is raining.

Yes, I am wearing my toe shoes.

Yes, I walk up Madison to the Bean and back most every weekday.

Yes, I always cross State Street.

No, I have never fallen on this walk. . .

until today.

Several times a year a "coating" of some type is applied to the sidewalk on State Street. Not sure what the coating is (I am currently on the phone with the City to find out), but I am sure of this. . .

when it gets wet it is slippery beyond measure.

One step onto State Street and my left foot flew out from under me.

There was no graceful catching myself recovery.

I went down.


Left arm.

Left shoulder.

Left hip.

The new Snippet's camera fortunately in my right hand and seemingly unscathed.

My shoulder, neck, arm, hip - sore already.

The City's 311 operator just confirmed thru the Department of Transportation (whom I cannot speak to directly) that they do "put something" on the sidewalks but they would not discuss what that was. She told me that the only thing I can do is file a police report.


That I wasn't hurt too badly I am blessed.