Tuesday, December 7, 2010

She gave her two week notice today…

at the restaurant she has diligently worked at/managed for over three years.

“I cannot believe your Mom is letting you go!” the owner exclaimed after she broke the news.

My daughter is moving.

Far away.

North Carolina to be exact.

I had heard rumblings that she might move for weeks before she got the courage to tell me.

Her current boyfriend went back to his home state and she loooooovvvvvveeesss him and wants to be where he is.

My daughter is moving.

Far away.

Right after Christmas.

This Christmas.

The Christmas that is just some 3 weeks away.

And there is not a ding dong thing I can do to change her mind.

So I will send her off with tears, love, many, many prayers and the ingrained knowledge that this will always, always be her home.

no matter how far she does roam


Jan Barclay said...

One of my daughters may be moving to California. And to quote my friend, "There's not a ding dong thing" I can do about it. Not happy. I may be crying on your shoulder in the new year.

... Paige said...

ah, hugs

hey you can always visit her and the emerald mine, see a two-fer trip both which I'm sure would wold be great

Susan's Snippets said...

Jan -

So glad we can support one another!!

mother to mother

Susan's Snippets said...


"Emerald mine?"

would be oh so double fine