Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In today’s local paper…

was a story, horrific and so, so wrong, about Andrea Faye Will...

an 18 year-old woman, who in 1997 was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

In a rage, he strangled her with a phone cord.

Then he sat and wrote this note of confession...

“I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life...and should suffer in hell for all eternity.”

He was sentenced to 24 years, not quite eternity, and not even close to a lifetime.

While in prison, he was such an outstanding inmate, he received one day off his 24 year sentence for each day of “good behavior”.

“Good behavior” - something he lacked when he choked the life out of this young woman.

Today at 8:00 a.m., a mere 12 years after he killed Andrea, devastating her family and friends for the rest of their lives, he walked out of the Danville Correctional Center – a free man.

Not only a free man, but also a married man.

A 1987 U.S. Supreme Court decision refused to ban inmates from marrying, so due to this "legal" right given to him, he was able to marry while in prison (wow, what a kick in the stomach!) and is flying, as I type, to Hawaii, where he and his bride (what a sad, unfulfilled woman), who is a professor at the University of Hawaii (book smarts obviously, as we already know, mean nothing!) will start their married lives together.

It is not within ANY logical thinking that he gets to move on with his life, while Andrea is buried in a coffin, along with not only her two favorite childhood stuffed animals, but all of the wonderful things she would have experienced in life and contributed to society, and the hopes and dreams that her family and friends held for her, that were cut short by him.

The article ended with this...

“It isn’t fair, and there is nothing anybody can do about it now...”

I refuse to sit here in silence and believe that to be true.

what about you

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