Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Their cold drinks were sweating…

in the evening heat – a mixture of beers and diet sodas.

Four moms were gathered on my neighbor’s beautifully restored early 1900’s four square’s front porch.

At least eight kids were running around the front yard.

I was on my way to meet Ginny for our does-not-happen-as-much-as-it-should-because-of-my-nighttime-baking-schedule walk.

“I miss those days!” I shared with Maggie, the hostess of the informal gathering.

And I do.

A lot.

When the kids were innocently fun and most of the decisions were about whose house to eat lunch at or which McDonald's Playland to take half the neighborhood to.

Many years and several houses later since the divorce that drove us out of THE neighborhood to raise a family in and with my two now 22 and almost 20, I have come to recognize that I will never again achieve that magic “Christmas-Morning-as-a-Kid” feeling that I (we) had back then...

although I can reminisce about those days that, at least in my mind, were so very special and grand!

in fvcce land

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