Wednesday, August 11, 2010

He was a rock-n-roll drummer…

and me, the photographer for the band.

We met at work.

Ponderosa Restaurant.

It was the 1970’s, I was 16, skinny, blonde and life was simple.

We dated for years and planned on marrying once we got out of high school.

At times I would find myself sitting in class and writing my someday-married-name over and over and over again…

"Mrs. Susan S____, Mrs. Susan S____, Mrs. Susan S_____"

After high school I remember calculating how much money we made at our respective “real” jobs and wondering how we were going to survive, paying rent and all the bills that went along with being an adult.

Years and years have passed since all those dreams were dreamt.

We never did marry each other.

I turned right around after our traumatic break up and at 21 years of age, I married the first guy that showed promise.

And he...

he went on to a locally-semi-almost-famous career as a drummer and eventually settled into a real job in IT with an advertising agency.

And he now is happily married.

I stood looking straight at him last night as I got on the train to head home.

“How did we get so old?” I inquired of the gray haired guy, who “back in the day” was known for his shoulder-length, brown ringlets.

I was aware he lived in the area and worked downtown, but I hadn’t seen him in a very long time.

We sat together and chatted for the entire ride.

It was nice to catch up on families, friends and careers.

On core levels, we are, as we discussed, still the same people.

I am still taking pictures of bands and surrounding myself with family and friends;

and he is still playing drums with a local group and at times not returning emails or phone calls.

Who knows, sometime soon I just might gather some of the old gang and head out to see him play.

And, yes, I will be taking my trusty Snippet’s camera along, but going, not as the band photographer, just as a long, long time ago fan.

those were the days peace man

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