Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"What the heck?"

I thought while reaching into the right pocket of my blazer on the train home tonight.

A crazy, hectic day at the corporate law firm, running from floor to floor, I put my cell phone into that same pocket, forgetting it was there until I was sitting on the train heading home, and decided to see if I had any missed calls.

Reaching in I felt something slimy...immediately I pulled my fingers out and sure enough, they were covered with what appeared to be a creamy lotion.

Not exactly sure what it was, I did what most people would do...

I smelled it.

I didn't smell like lotion.

But it did have a familiar scent.

One I smell often during baking season.

That is when I remembered putting a pat of butter in my pocket this morning after buying a bagel in our building's cafeteria and obviously FORGETTING to use it.

What about my phone?!?!

was my next thought as I pulled it out...

made me want to shout

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