Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hawks Win! Hawks Win!!

Everyone at this large, corporate, somewhat stuffy, but obviously a lover of all things Chicago, received an email yesterday saying...

"When our beloved Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup tonight, please show your support by wearing Hawks attire (or black and red) to the office tomorrow.

If, by some small chance they don't win tonight, (because Pronger is illegally cross-checking our guys) please show your support for their win in game 7 by wearing Hawks attire (or black and red) on Friday."

And as the WORLD knows by now...


So last night after the presentation of Stanley's Cup, I ran over to my sister's house and borrowed my brother-in-law, Steve's official Jonathan Toews jersey.

While handing it over, he requested that I "don't lose it!"

To which I responded "I will be wearing it, so if IT gets lost, so do I!"

As of this illegal posting...

Steve should have no worries - I haven't lost it yet.

But for me...I am starting to be concerned about those I hang with on the train!

funny faces they cannot refrain

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