Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010 - Let's Not Forget or We Will Regret...

The Old Veteran
The old veteran listened, not saying a word,
You could tell he did not like a thing he had heard.
He had just asked some children what grades they were in,
And, upon learning, asked, “How does each day begin?”
He was stunned by their answers, their innocent tone,
But he furrowed his brow, and let out a small groan.
If the Pledge of Allegiance is not said at all,
Can the next generation hear Liberty’s call?
If saluting the flag is not being allowed,
How can they be expected to grow and be proud?
If our children are not shown a patriot’s guide,
How can they be a party to American pride?
The old veteran stood, and his eyes were ablaze;
For this wasn’t about him, or he seeking praise.
We have let our political guidelines destroy
These American tenets we used to enjoy.
We’re America! Founded in Freedom’s broad reach.
That is value unmeasured, a mandate to teach.
There are three generations from my time to now,
That will know what I’m saying, and echo my vow.
Let our pride in American values run deep;
We have Freedoms to safeguard, and Honor to keep!

© Richard Williams 2010

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Loved this. Thanks for posting. Although I missed the final rhyme.

I hope your blogbrainfreeze will lift. There's so much going on in so many lives.

French market?
Looking forward to seeing you again.

Now, let's talk business:
I need (seriously, crave, beg, need) to buy some of your dots. To sell at a fundraiser for our close friend, just age 30. Wife and him have a little girl 1, has ALS, and has 2years. if that. symptoms are progessing rapidly.
So I wanted to buy some off of you, and then have them at the fundraiser for people to purchase based on "Free but Donations appreciated." All to go to Brian.

And I want to have some for my own pantry.
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