Wednesday, March 3, 2010

“Why are you wearing THAT pin?”

a co-worker inquired this morning.

Along with my black corduroy jacket, purple lace cami and one of my favorite necklaces, I also included a crude, popsicle stick flower pin.

A pin that I have cherished, since my back-then 9 year-old daughter, Anna, made it and presented it to me on Mother’s Day.

Now fast forward to the present and Anna has grown into a 19 year-old, who is quite often cranky, mouthy, and a complete know-it-all, who during these times...I have difficulty even liking.

So I included it in my "flair" today (especially), front and center, as a warm and fuzzy reminder of those occasions when she outwardly loved me, which made it so much easier to love her back.

often i am thisclose to a heart attack


... Paige said...

you are the best mom ever!

Rebecca said...

I love that pin. Yes, you are a great mom! I have a snowflake that I still wear, made by sweet tiny hands, from a doilie and glued on faux pearls. I miss those sweet little hands, but love the big hands just as much.

CrazeeTeacherLady said...

Right in front of my face are two little art projects that my boys made in elementary school. At age 18 and 21 they cause me heartache beyong belief. I like to look at the work of their hands and remember when I thought they would have bright futures. Sometimes I even have a glimmer of hope that they still can. I am glad you cherish that innocent time as I do.

Susan's Snippets said...


Rebecca - good to read that you are still loving the big hands!

Crazee Teacher Lady - I feel your pain!

they can make us insane

Darcie said...

I have a 20 year old daughter, who, at times, is very difficult to like as well. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, as my best friend's daughter has made the full circle at 24 years old. Can't wait!

Right there with you... one step away from a heart attack

ArchitectDesign™ said...

How cute is that. I hope you wear it today, st.pattys day!