Wednesday, February 3, 2010

“It has been over six months or so...

since I have seen her.”

“What is her name again?”

My friend Chuck pops into my head.

Chuck was married to Carol.

“Carol! That is her name.”

was the self talk I had two weeks ago.

The petite woman with stylish short gray hair commuted on my train car for years.

She climbed aboard in Naperville.

Usually with a fabulous pin attached to her coat/blazer/sweater, etc.

Very chic.

Last summer while in the coolness of the Civic Opera House portico...

I found myself walking alongside her.

Being the shy person that I am (insert laugh track here) I mustered up some gumption and startled her by saying out of the blue “I admire the pins that you wear!”

We talked until we reached her building.

She too works at a law firm, lives in the same town my brother lives in and has a very soft, kind spirit.

I was hooked!

After that first meeting we met up on our walk just a few more times and then she disappeared.

Until today.

Two weeks after she popped into my head I saw a petite woman walking ahead of me this morning with beautiful short gray hair!


“Chuck was married to...


“Carol!” I said and she turned toward me and delivered her big beautiful smile.

We caught each other up as much as we could in the brief 5 minutes or so that had until we reached her office building.

I told her that I had just thought about her within the last two weeks and she said that she also thought about me, wondering with the current economic crisis if possibly I had lost my job.

How often does that happen to you?

You think of someone that you haven’t seen in a very long time...and within a short period you run into that person.

I love it!

If you have a “Carol” story...

please share!

i double dog dare

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