Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Hey, Lady! ...Hey Lady!"

Kristen could hear someone shouting from behind her – but thought whoever it was certainly was not directing it to her.

We were at a local roller rink this past Saturday night for a friend's 36th birthday party.

Kristen was skating when she nearly collided with a young (maybe 15), pretty, dark haired girl. So to avoid injury to either party, she grabbed the girl’s waist, gently pushed off and continued skating around the rink.

It was after that she started hearing the “Hey, Lady!”

She looked back to see who was yelling and sure enough it was the young girl that she nearly hit.

Kristen slowed down allowing her to catch up, at which point the youngster says:

“If you EVER touch me again, I am going to kick your ass!!

being raised with a lot of class

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... Paige said...

That sure is one mean looking girl!