Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Can you do 90 pounds?!"

My daughter Anna asked me this past Monday night as we worked out on the leg press machine at our local, inexpensive, no-frills health club.

I had just given her grief for wimping out and only pressing 70 lbs.

“That’s ALL I can do!” she whined.

“No, you can do heavier weight than that! Women have very strong leg muscles, let me sit down!” I stated while helping her off the machine and placing myself in the seat.

“How about 100 lbs., 110 lbs, 120 lbs., l30 lbs., l40 lbs. and finally 150 LBS.?” Anna continued to ask.

“Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and YES!” I told her as I reset the weight to 150.

I started pressing, one rep of 10, two reps of 10, and then the third rep of 10.

Anna also successfully pressed 150 lbs., but not 30 times like knuckle headed me!

Needless to say...

by Tuesday afternoon/evening...I could barely walk, my thighs and booty muscles were on FIRE!!

Climbing up and down stairs was tortuous and to sit down on the potty...

oh, the pain!!

i honestly question if i am sane

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