Monday, December 7, 2009

Not quite the way...

I wanted to start my Monday……

but after taking this picture along the Chicago River in front of the Merchandise Mart to show off our beautiful first snowfall...

I walked forward and turned to cross over to the Mart, stepping onto the bright yellow painted handicap walkway and my feet went out from under me…

I attempted to catch myself, but ended up doing a 1 ½ gainer directly onto the street.

Stunned, it took a second or two to get my bearings, which gave a kind passerbyer time to reach me and help me onto my feet.

I stood there sopping wet, on the verge of tears like a 9 year-old who just fell off her bike.

The Mart security guard, who also witnessed my gymnastic move of a fall, came over and inquired if I was okay and then said “I have told them for years that they have to put sand in that paint. I see people slip on it all the time!”

She took down my information and said to call the office of the building if I require any medical attention or if my Snippet’s camera (it was in my hand, so it also fell hard to the concrete) was broken.

Right now I am in my office, working and becoming more and more….

stiff and sore


... Paige said...

ah sweetie, I hope all will be ok. I'm pink and red for you and hope you do not go black and blue

Vicki said...
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Vicki said...

wow! What a way to start your week.A warm soaking bath when you get home for your old bones.

Our snow is already gone. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Love ya Sister

Susan's Snippets said...

Paige - Thanks for the kind words! I am sure I will be fine after the pain stops!!

Vic, you deleted your funny post of "tuck and roll"! As far as taking a bath...I gave them up after being forced to take two a day.

instead i ben gay

Steven Kaufman said...

Hello Ms. Susan May Moody,

I absolutely love your blog! Not only do you capture some of the most idealistic of thoughts, you are very eloquent and you definitely make those who read it pause and soak in the creative literary prowess that you truly possess...if that can be confessed haha.

I also have my own blog all about stuttering, and it's so much to fun to write....absolutely damn right! OK I'll stop being a copycat LOL.

Respectfully yours,


Liz said...

I'm so sorry you fell Susan! Been there, done that. No fun. I hope your hand and camera are ok.

Thank you so much for your prayers yesterday, God bless you.