Monday, November 2, 2009

Uncomfortably numb....

after last Friday, where here at the small office I have worked at for almost twenty years..

something happened that had NEVER happened before…

two long term employees were fired.

In one fell swoop.


No severance.

No two week notice.

No nothing.

Except their last paycheck and hit the road.

I have been told that it was a financial decision and there will be more changes in the next year or so...

and that I am “safe”.

I am very grateful for that…

but I feel crazy awful for those other two.

out the door they flew

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... Paige said...

yes it seems to be going around. you are first to know. my office is closing the end of Dec...i'll maybe get to work from home, so rumor has it. but they don't know i have to take a medical leave due to the wonderful condition of my ulnar nerve and it's fun neverending pain.
wonder what that will do to the rumor?
I know thing will work out as they should, chin up and make the cookies