Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am usually not a swearer.

I don’t allow my young adult children to swear in front of me. (That isn’t to say they don’t – but they certainly know I disapprove.)

And I do recognize that outside of the Pollyanna World that I would like to live in, other people swear.

A lot.

Which led to a conversation in my home last night where those around me wanted to know why I don’t like swearing, and specifically why I am offended by the word F**K?

“It is just a word.”

“When you are angry and say it, it works.”

The question of “Have you ever looked it up in the dictionary?” was also posed.

As of this morning, the answer to that is “Yes, I have.”

Within the definitions of f**k (n), f**k (vb), and f**k up (vi) “usu. considered obscene” or “usu. considered vulgar” is after EVERY definition (TEN times to be exact).

I would say that means, at the very least, in the ENGLISH language, f**k, f**ker, f**k up are obscene and vulgar words.

So from now on when I might be asked “Why do you find it offensive?”

I have decided that I need only to respond…

“Because I do!!

and screw the rest of you

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