Monday, October 19, 2009

Who doesn’t have a childhood memory of seeing…

"Injun Summer" in their local paper at this time of year?

One day in the early fall of 1907, Chicago cartoonist, John T. McCutcheon was contemplating what to draw to fill his usual spot on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.

He reminisced about his childhood, growing up in the 1870’s near the cornfields of Indiana, with not much more than those fields and American Indian traditions, his memories led him to produce this classic piece of art.

“Injun Summer” ran yearly in papers until October 25, 1992, when it appeared for the last time. Although the drawing was timeless, John's accompanying narrative that was so appropriate when he wrote it, was viewed by some in this modern culture, as being offensive to Native Americans and those complaints finally put an end to its 85 year run.

Regardless of how you feel now about what was written, for my childhood it was always a reminder that Halloween was just around the bend!!

which meant candy with no end

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