Wednesday, October 7, 2009

“Mom, you just ate a cookie!”

Anna exclaimed the other night after seeing me pop a Chocolate Polk-A-Dot into my mouth.

“Your Mom is still on her week long sugar binge from her birthday at the end of August!” Keith chimed in.

Yes, I have fallen off my no-eating-sugar wagon and quite frankly, for the moment, I don’t care.

For years I have tried to figure out what it is in my psyche that causes the “I want to eat healthy!” switch to turn off and the “I NEED to eat sugar!” switch on.

At 51 I still don’t know.

It could be that with the weather turning colder, my primal inner body clock says I need to pack on some pounds for the impending cave hibernation.

It also could be that as much as I find everything about the fall season fabulous, it carries an inner sadness for me, which I try (unsuccessfully) to undo with comfort foods.

Or that with my dot dot dot eat cookies a lot! business doing well, there is an increased need to “sample” my products for quality control purposes.

Yup….that is it!

This year I am going to use the “for the sake of my dot dot dot eat cookies a lot! business” excuse.

my pants are no longer loose

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