Tuesday, October 27, 2009

“Look at what you are wearing!”

my co-worker Mary said as I walked into her office this morning.

“What?!!!” I exclaimed, thinking for sure I had different color shoes on or some other ridiculous sanguine-personality-driven mismatched/forgot-to-put-on issue.

Witnessing my distress….Mary calmed me down by saying “No, look at what I am wearing and what you are wearing.”

Sure enough in this teeny-tiny office we work in, Mary and I had the same thought process as we dressed this morning…..

Except for the different shade of blue jeans and our exact styled shoes but mine were black and Mary’s brown…….we were dressed perfectly the same.

office matching clothes game


Liz said...

Ok. You are tall. And I am jealous. :)

Susan's Snippets said...

Liz -

I realize upon looking at that photo again, that I appear to be GINORMOUSLY tall...actually Mary is about 5 foot even (short!) and I am 5'8"!!

When I was a teenager, I was always jealous of my shorter girlfriends - but as I got older I learned to appreciate the advantages of being tall - like having the ability to gain more than 5 pounds without it showing too much!!

still fit into my pants and such

... Paige said...

We do that a lot in my office...we call it the twin/triplet/quadruplet or however many syndrome. But still always funny…and why is that, funny I mean?

I too wanted to be shorter (5'6") But now I know the air is better...lol

Kristina said...

5'8" = the perfect height. You are sooo right about not worrying about gaining a couple pounds-- love that!

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