Tuesday, October 13, 2009

“How is your cookie business doing?”

several people have kindly inquired as of late.

With the outdoor market dwindling to an end (October 24th is the last one!), I have been concentrating on getting the word out about my dot dot dot eat cookies a lot! cookies to local businesses and private individuals.

But for my first year at the farmer’s market - it has been great!

And, it could not, of course, be successful without my highly paid helpers…who keep the flow at my booth moving and the good reputation of dot dot dot eat cookies a lot! at the market in check…

Well at least two of them do….I might have to have a talk with “somebody” about taking his job a little more serious!

only cookies for payment make him delirious

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Judy said...

How great you have helpers. Thanks for visiting my blog.