Thursday, October 15, 2009

Faux Fur Fashion Faux Pas

I received an email this morning from Real Simple highlighting new winter faux fur fashions.

I work in an office where the dress code is anything except pajamas and bathing suits, so with many years here "under my belt", my wardrobe has dwindled to several pairs of jeans, a couple of suit jackets and various t-shirts/sweaters/blouses.

That being typed, I still enjoy following the current and upcoming fashion trends.

So I went to Real Simple’s site to see the new faux fur fashions….

At first I thought they were kidding…but then I realized they were not.

The blazer goes for $60 at Urban Outfitters, which isn't too expensive, but was the model so skinny that she didn't have the strength to stand up straight?  And, doesn't it look unbalanced with the super short skirt?

The vest (honestly does she not look like she is wearing part of the Abominable Snowman on her torso?) is priced at a reasonable THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS at Saxs Fifth Avenue stores.

And for only $98 at shopbop, you, too, can wear the same hat as Elmer Fudd!

Don’t leave me hanging here….is it just my fashion eye that is dimming with age or do you also think they stink?

although you will never find me in mink


Jackie Blue said... would get shot at where I live in any of those ...well , maybe not the coat ....but the rest yeah , you better wear a orange vest!

Roseanne said...

You're too funny! I have been reading your blog for just a few months and it's great. Again, that post was great! Thanks for the laugh.

... Paige said...

too crazy...I thought she (1st model) was too week to hold up the weight of the heavy faux pas.

Memaw's memories said...

The one in the middle reminds me of what Cher used to wear when she and Sonny were a hit in the 60's.

And you can just bet, there'll be some of those hats on the street. Just keep your eyes out for Bugs Bunny.