Wednesday, September 30, 2009

“I need two sesame bagels….

and two pats of butter, please.” was my not-suppose-to-be-spending-ANY-extra-money-but-was-feeling-sorry-for-myself order this morning at Jake’s Bagels across the street from my suburban train station.

After staying up way, way too late baking pumpkin cookies last night, I surprisingly arrived at the train station this morning early, tired and hungry, which led me to Jake’s ordering a bagel for me and one for a co-worker (they are his favorites!) and, of course, those two pats of butter.

I watched as the young gal behind the counter wrapped up the bagels and then put two small plastic containers holding the butter onto a scale to weigh them.

“Do you charge for butter?” I asked.

While placing them into the bag with the bagels, she responded “Yes, these two will be .30 cents.”

They charge for butter now?

I know the recession and all….but, really, charging for PATS of butter when you are buying their bagels….seems so not right.

is money that tight

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