Thursday, June 18, 2009

I did something on my walk back to the train Tuesday night….

that I have NEVER done in the 30+ years of working in Chicago.

Not only have I NEVER done this before...the rare times that I would see others doing this I would look at them with disgust and think “Didn’t your Momma raise you better than that?”

But in the midst of a driving rain storm, I was faced with picking the lesser of two evils - either continue to slip off my new, cute heeled sandals and possibly fracture an ankle or do this...

Yes, I opted for the “everything gross on the sidewalk is now on the bottom of my feet!”

once home hot water and soap they did meet


... Paige said...

Speaking for my self----walking in the rain BAREFOOTED is great!
When I was a kid the bottom of my feet would be black, I also boast of being able to walk on shell and rock roads, but out black topped roads with the bubbling tar in August was still too much for me.
and this is why they invented foot soakers and soap and sweet smelling foot lotions :-}

Susan's Snippets said...

Paige - I think we grew up together!! The worst part about summer was going to church on Sunday because we HAD TO FIND OUR SHOES!!

We lived on a dead end and once a year they would tar and gravel it. People were always amazed that I could walk on the gravel with no feet were as tough as nails.

not telling tall tales