Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BNSF, Metra and the IEPA ...

are all going to be receiving this picture of my hand....

taken this morning after I alleviated a horrid rattling sound on the upper deck of my train car by shoving some newspaper into the venting that runs along its entire upper length.

So, if the venting that is just three feet or so from our faces, which carries the air into our train car is THIS DIRTY...what does that say about the purity of the air which we breathe in each day??

Can someone answer that please?

black lung disease

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Anonymous said...

Not trying to justify it, but I'm wondering if you also frequently stick your fingers into the vents at work, or in your car, or even in your own home, if applicable, because dust settles everywhere, and when was the last time you saw someone who was having their airducts cleaned?
Unfortunately, this may just be apart of our way of living.