Thursday, March 5, 2009


If it wasn’t irritating enough that the two women behind me on my early-train-home-yesterday-to-try-and-make-it-to-bible-study-somewhat-on-time, could not stop LOUDLY talking, about halfway thru the ride one of them removed her shoes and the smell that emanated could have peeled paint off a wall.

Focus, Susan, Focus – don’t get irritated...remember you are going to BIBLE study tonight....patience, kindness, pity....was the self talk for the rest of my ride.

Fast forward an hour or so to me sitting in church listening to a woman give her testimony on 1st John and I again get a whiff of it...that rancid, sour “put my son going thru puberty feet odor to shame" smell.


Twice in one day!

Now who has taken their shoes off - in church no less??

That is when I glanced down at my feet, my "encased in my older-than-the-hills running shoes" feet.

My "I haven’t run in 8 years but cannot let go of my past running shoes" covered feet.

Needless to say, I stopped by a T.J.Maxx on my way home and purchased a pair of brand-spanking-new-good-smelling-running shoes and hopefully, I have become a little wiser about always looking to pass the blame.

i was the smelly shame


... Paige said...

Dang old shoes.

and the lesson is judge not your neighbor lest you judge ye self?

One more reason we women need new shoes all the time :-}

Cindiloo said...

So I guess it's a good thing I have a bad sniffer