Monday, March 16, 2009

My Summer Sentry

With the warm weather upon us this past weekend, it allowed me to open my front door and let the warmth of that incredible shining sun in.

Which immediately put Buddy the Wonder Dog on door duty.

I had some comfort with the fact that the glass in the storm door has not yet been switched out for the can-bust-his-way-thru-in-a-heartbeat screen.

And Buddy had total elation in the fact that he can now guard not only his backyard domain, but also the entire front section of our neighborhood.

So squirrels, birds, small dogs and the occasional annoying, young child in the 500 block - you have been duly warned - it is now front door Sentry-time, so beware!

and whatever you do dont double dog dare

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

SIT! Staaaaaay. Good Buddy.

-Buddy's buddy