Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Speaking of daughters....

today I stayed home so that I could attend Anna's IEP (individual education program) meeting at her high school - the last meeting of this kind in her high school career.

I walked into a room of adults who, before Anna arrived, told me that she is confident, mature "beyond her years", and in general is doing great!

Which, as a parent, I WANT to hear fabulous things about my child...but I had to be honest with them....I see a very, very different side of her at home..so much so I find myself at times wanting to bang my head against the wall thinking that she just isn't listening to anything I say!!

That was until the social worker told me that she had Anna talk with a student who was struggling in an abusive relationship with a boy and the social worker was present while Anna talked...and guess what?? Anna repeated over and over specific things that she credited to me...that's right ME...her MOMMA having told her and that I was RIGHT!!

Yahoo!! Some of what I say is sinking in...I LOVE that girl!!

still at times makes my head twirl

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