Thursday, January 15, 2009


Padded Bra (the padding just for the warmth…yeah, that’s it!)

Pantyhose (note to self..Hey, Stupid buy long underwear!)



Wool Socks


Turtleneck Sweater


Long Down Coat with faux fur trimmed hood

Son’s Knit Hat (turned inside out because his father’s dog chewed holes on the outside)

Auntie Alberta’s xtra-long knitted two-toned Scarf wrapped 6 times around my face

Keen Shoe Boots

All combining to make my -35 degree "real feel" temperature mile long walk into the office this morning semi-doable.

this weather is screwable




... Paige said...

And here I set in above freezing coolness.
Campbells soup is mmmm mmmm good


yeah, Cabo San Luca's is sounding reaaaaaaaaaallly nice right about now.

Susan's Snippets said...

Crusty...glad to see you!! Yes, let's book a flight and go.

Paige....Yes, suddenly above freezing sounds awesome.

No soup for me tonight - instead a grilled chicken breast and a pot of steamed veggies...when it came to eating healthy, let's just say I had a tough four months at the end of last year.

i got plump my dear

Liz said...

Shew. I'm shivering just reading it. :)

It's 25 here... and I'm ready for Florida. Cant imagine the wind coming off those lakes there.

Cindiloo said...

Or you could have just stayed home like me. Unfortunately the sneezing is back thanks to Metra's brainiac idea of unloading us and making us stand out in the cold for over an hr. Can you sue for that?