Thursday, January 8, 2009

Left Behind….

and I am not referencing the popular Christian book series, although it is a good one, I am talking about my cell phone.

I left it at home....accidentally - forgotten after setting it on my dresser while looking for matching socks (just where does the other one go?) this morning and there it still lies.

I wouldn’t want to leave it behind often, but periodically being without it brings on a freeing feeling - taking me to back-in-the-day when you left home and were out of contact unless you stopped by a friend’s house or used the ever present pay phone that dotted businesses and street corners.

So I walked to the office with a spring in my step, slightly unburdened with the knowing that I was out of contact, unreachable, with the ability to wander around if I so chose - alone and on my own.

forced now to need a dumb cell phone


Alejandro said...

OMG! I remember using this kind of telephones as a child. If you forgot the number or missmarked, you have to begin from the first number, it was so desperating!!!


Susan's Snippets said...

Alejandro - Welcome from chilly Chicago!! Thank you for your comment all the way from a warm, sunny place.

smiley face

hswanson said...

That's fabulous. I love that feeling. And just how did we survive without being in constant contact? Especially parents and children? Amazing.

It's so rare that we're not reachable now - but I love that feeling! Enjoy the day!

Liz said...

Matt did this today too! He's in a bad mood at work b/c of it. Those silly things... they become like a wierd appendage. I dont like it.