Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Your Time is UP!!

The contest is officially over and a winner has been selected!

With a BIG THANKS to EVERYONE that participated...and boy-oh-boy...I now know how to get people to read my blog - just post a cookie giveaway!!

The response was overwhelming with my top 5 picks as follows:

Snowdrops (thanks Rooney!);

Popped Buttons (a play on what happens if you eat too
many - thanks Janet in TN!);

Snow Buttons (from Cindiloo - part of my train posse!);

Frost Bites (my sissy Vicki in KY!); and

Snow Flurries (from my creative writer friend - Lisa!)

and the winner is....

drum roll please....


cookies are coming to you


Cindiloo said...

Yeah for SNOW BUTTONS!!!! Thank you Susan!! I promise not to share them...oops, I mean to share them. I thought for sure that Snow Flurries was going to win the big prize.

I can feel my bottom-end getting bigger just thinkin of those scrumptious treats melting in my mouth with a great cup of coffee.

FYI, I did a quick search on the USPTO website and the name Snow Buttons does not come up in my query...this is not conclusive. But it looks good if ever you want to trademark the name.

Robert McEvily said...

Congrats Cindiloo!

Paul said...

I should have called them Chocolatey Snowflakey ButtButts.

Maybe I can get some at Christmas.


can I still buy some off of you?

Happy congrats Cindiloo!!!

:)I showed my mom a pic, she wants to eat them too!


Liz said...

Congrats to Cindiloo!

John said...

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