Monday, December 8, 2008

"Butter Buttons?"

On Saturday I gathered with my daughter, my sister Wendy and several other women for the third year in a row to bake Christmas cookies - one of my newly treasured holiday season events.

My cookie is pictured above - a rich-buttery-not-too-sweet base, topped off with a high quality chocolate non-pareil (straight from Chicago's Blommer's Chocolate Factory). I package 2 dozen of them in little red bags, add a sticker that says something along the lines of "Happy Holidays with thanks and love, Susan" and hand them out to friends and acquaintances.

At one point during the bake-a-thon, the discussion turned to what to call these cookies....I have never had an official name for them, so we round-tabled it and decided upon "Suzie-Q's"....but now post-decision...a Suzie-Q should only be two dark chocolate cake parts slapped together with a white-unidentifiable-but-still-tasty-filling.

Which leaves me in need of a name for these one-bite-wonders. My only slightly creative name to throw into the ring on this Monday morning is "Butter Buttons"....

but I am relying on my blogger friends to be more creative and witty...any thoughts?

And for the first time ever...there will be a PRIZE for the selected name...a little red bag filled with delight to be delivered either in person or via postal service for the winner!

Start those creative minds a rolling....and as a footnote FYI to Moe...the name "Nipple Cookies" has already been dismissed.

keep it clean...its christmas


jude said...

I couldn't possibly think of a better name for your scrumptious cookies! (See how good I can suck up to you - I'm hoping to get more than 1 bag this year :)

PML said...

1] The Susan Serenade

2] The Moody

3] Moody Miracle

4] Christmas Moody

5] The Butter Bark

Robert McEvily said...


Hedy said...

How about Hedy's Heroin?

I think you called them nonpareils or something when you brought over our little red bag for Thanksgiving (which I DID NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE!) But that name is difficult to pronounce, and worse, French. :)

These cookies are heavenly. Heaven...angel...angel cookies? Of course if we're going all out on the celestial theme we could call them Christ's Cookies. Because I know for sure He'd love 'em! I also know they're so good even Christ wouldn't share, so we could call them The Last Temptation Cookies (LTCs for short).

How about just The Perfect Cookie? Because that's how I think of them.

Well this is fun but I'm rambling and still don't have a winner...let me think on it. Looking forward to the next little red bag of heaven from you...xoxo

Cindiloo said...

First thing that came to my mind was "Suz's Yum-Yums" (because they are yummm yummm)

or "Scrumpdillyicious!"

or "Snow Buttons"

Anyhoo, what ever you name them they are in-cred-i-ble!!!! Hey how about "THE INCREDIBLES"

Susan's Snippets said...

Wow, Guys and Gals! I am impressed so far...keep the names a rollin on in....until I decide the contest is over, which will be soon.

singing a christmas tune

Paul said...


Anonymous said...

How about Snow Flurries? Can I get the recipe? The kids and I are baking this weekend? :)

Lisa S. said...

Okay--I am not anonymous! I just have never posted a comment before and am apparently a slow learner.

Wise Ol' Man said...

My suggestions are:






kengell said...

I would go with "pearls on a half shell".

kengell said...

or perhaps "Non-pareil on the half shell"

... Paige said...

Angel Drops

so when do I expect my prize :-)


Snow Blossoms

(snow for the white caps and the blossom for the raising of the cookie plus the blossoming of your generous spirit.

year round.

worth a pound?


xoxo said...

I love Snow Flurries or Angel Drops. Even though Angel Drops sounds a little too much like droppings - which aren't too yummy. I suggest Susie Q, which has been rejected - boo hoo. I didn't even think of the Hostess treats when I suggested it - I just thought of my Dad who used to call her Susie Q. How about Barr Nun or BarrNone? Love, ME

xoxo said...

Oops - I hate errors - It should say I suggested, not suggest. sorry.

Vicki said...

Frost Bites

Snow domes

Jack Frost Bites

Snowman poop

Jingle Bells


Snow Caps

Chocolate-Butter Melts


kengell said...

I would call them "They go really well w/ that free cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee your train husband is going to buy you every morning on the 7:07 if you pick his suggested cookie name".

Kind of a long cookie name, but hey, why not try bribery? Certainly my boyish good looks and charm is not going to sway you. Will they?


or, Snow drop blossoms.
Or, Snow butter temptations.
Or, Snow blossom temptations.
Or Kringles Perils!


fyi, or word verification says SUCKSOM--yeah, I don't think that's a good cookie name, do you??



I love the snowman poops name that someone said here. But I have to throw in another one based on poop,coming from my 7year old that suggested it, he said,
Reindeer Poop.

So I now suggest,
Reindeer Graffiti!!!- a beautiful suggestive swirl, like poop can be looked at by some.

Hedy said...

Ya know, I actually like Butter Buttons the best. Can I have your prize? :)

Cindiloo said...

I thought of some more,

1. Reindeer Kisses

2. Reindeer Smoocheroos

3. Button Eyes

4. Roundups

Michelle said...

I have not tasted these (hint hint)- but from the description they sound heavenly - so how about Heavenly Suzys.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Susan,being as in-ept as I am at typing,I still decided to write.My Boss is on a diet but he insisted on having a cookie.After he ate it he said,"I love you Jim you're amazing."I figure the name of the cookie should be; LUV BUTTONS!