Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Repeat, Worth Repeating.....

Compassionately Yours.....

over at Pioneer Woman's  blog, she has been writing about her husband and two daughters' trip to the Dominican Republic to experience what Compassion International is all about and meet two of the children that they sponsor.

I, too, have sponsored a child thru Compassion for many, many years - Gobinie Hailu, who was born into horrible poverty in Uganda. Gobinie is clothed, fed, educated and receives medical care...all thru my $32 a month contribution.

That sponsorship was not a decision that came easily for me. Back then I was newly single, raising two children and trying to support a household on my own, but I did my research on the organization, then dove in....and guess what?

We have NEVER in these 7 years missed a meal because of my monthly contribution.

The above picture of Gobinie hangs on my wall here at work. I am able to write to her, send cards, pictures and if I was ever wanting to....I could visit. Gobinie sends me wonderful letters telling me of her faith, her family, her community and always includes a cute drawing.

As you read Pioneer Woman's blog, you see thru the eyes of her family, what a difference Compassion makes.

If you are even a little interested in sponsoring a child for $32 a month, go to Compassion International and find out everthing you need to know about this wonderful organization.

That is it folks.....just passing along some information.

with sponsorship hopes and elation



I am very aware of this and you are so sweet to be involved. My brother in law owns lots of property in the DR and runs a surfing sight seeing company, but him and his partner have done so much for all the children out there, and its wonderful to know that there are people doing things for them even though they've never been.

You ever want to go-=--lemme know--I'll give you the info--you'll have your own apt but you will have to rough it, there isn't ac in the apt..because it's very natural out there.


Susan's Snippets said...

Crusty - Thanks for the props. No AC...I was raised with no AC - I could totally go.

let the heat flow

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Susan, thanks for your comment about Obama . Being a teacher I completely agree that it starts in the home - but unfortunately that guidance is non-existant for so many of our students and we must try to provide it for them. I enjoyed looking at your blog.

Susan's Snippets said...

Thanks for the kind words - Diane. IF parents started being held responsible for their childrens' actions things WILL change....but it would take a long while.

walk the mile

Liz said...

I've heard about this organization for a while, only good things. Thanks for the post about it, I'm going to look into this.

Tamara Jansen said...

I've been following the Pioneer Woman blog while her family was out on their trip in the DR. It was very moving.

We just got back from a similar trip in Brazil. The idea was to bring awareness to some of the programs going on in the Recife area......check out my blog at

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

This is inspiring. Thanks Susan