Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Left for Me to Find Friday!

As I wander around this great City of Chicago...I come upon all sorts of interesting things that are left behind for my viewing by kind, generous, not-at-all-self-centered or lazy folks.

****Warning...some pictures may not be appropriate for those with "touchy" stomachs.****

Here are this week's finds:

Busch? Honestly....but then I remembered the economy is going to Hell in a hand basket and I understood the frugality of it.

A gum smile – how creative!

So...they couldn’t find the garbage can 50 feet away...Hey, maybe they were driving blind!

AND last...but not at all least......

Thirsty? Thanks for leaving that bottle of urine on the street for Susan Snippet’s to find....another unselfish display of caring.

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Liz said...

EWWWWW... bottle of urine. That takes the cake. Someone must have been in seriously bad shape.

Susan's Snippets said...
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Susan's Snippets said...

Liz - actually cab drivers are notorious for less stop they have to make.

takes the cake


new natural spring water without the growth hormones in it.


Moe Wanchuk said... should be a reporter!

This made me chuckle

Liz said...

Oh that is gross!

sarahbella said...

Were they too good to pee in a bush?