Friday, October 10, 2008

In a follow up.....

to yesterday's blog....the whacked-out 17 year-old and I had a conversation last night about boys, specifically about the ex and the now 5 other interested hormonal males.

Of the five possibilities, she has been chatting with one named Derek and although she won't admit to it, I KNOW that the interest is mutual.

Now bear in mind that the not-so-nice ex's name is Eric.

This was our late night conversation:

Me: Did Derek call you?

Her: Why?

Me: Didn't you say he was going to call?

Her: You said you didn't want me talking to him!

Me: No I didn't.

Her: Yes you did!

Me: Why would I say I didn't want you talking to Derek?

Her: Oh, Derek....I thought you said Eric!

Isn't there a Joe or a John or a Michael she could date?

Does the new interest's name have to sound exactly like the ex?

i'm under a hex



Derek is very much the Ken in barbie land and ERic is very much someone that seems like a big sally with low esteem so that he can prey his attempts of manipulation and control on young ladies minds..

Maybe the same name will help ease the change---and since her ex will be on the brain, if she slips it's easy to cover--

don't tell Derek the X's name is Eric!


Derek = delicious
Eric = queeric

Moe Wanchuk said...

At least he doesn't have a sissy name....Like...say.....STACEY

Susan said...

Moe....I went to school with a girl named Stacy Schmitt.

parent's lit?